Do any of these profiles ring true for you?

These are a just a few examples of how nature-based consulting can help you…

  • I’m an Executive Director of a nonprofit looking for coaching to improve my leadership skills…
  • I’m a Teacher / Administrator who wants to integrate nearby nature into school curriculum and culture…
  • I’m a Healthcare Practitioner who wants to help my patients reap the healing effects of nature…
  • I’m the Director of a Nature Center or Land Trust seeking new programming from an experienced presenter and educator.
  • I’m a Young Professional curious about taking people outdoors to benefit communities and wildlife.
  • I’m a Middle-Aged Parent who wants to re-connect to nature. How do get out of my indoor funk?
  • I’m a Community Volunteer interested in stewardship who wants to create a citizen science project.

Why Dan?

Curious & Engaging

Passionate & Playful





…and a little bit of a trickster*

Life’s a journey…let me be your Guide.

I’ve spent decades growing & leading a successful organization and mentoring hundreds of people. However, leaders can’t do it all, so now and again I’d bring in professional help. Even the best consultants and consultants are rarely grounded in nature. At Lead with Nature, I serve as your GUIDE, helping you reach your goals while connecting with the healing powers of nature.

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I’m a mentor, a leader and ax expert naturalist. As a suburban New Jersey teen, I met a life-changing mentor, Jon Young, who helped set me on journey naturalist, mentoring and leadership skills. That journey led me to many other mentors, and landscapes that taught me priceless lessons.


As a lifelong student & teacherI’m ready to Guide you. With years of focused naturalist and wildlife tracking studies, a Master’s degree in Natural Resources and years of professional development – I know the student experience.

I’ve been teaching for 30 years: As a peer mentor of teens, a cross-country expedition leader, a college faculty member and a leader of hundreds of workshops, walks, talks and trainings. Let my depth of experiences guide your work through nature-based consulting.


In 1999, Kate Ehrenfeld, Matt Wild and I founded White Pine Programs. For 20 years, I served as Executive Director, creating a very successful nature-connection program working with dozens of partners. My leadership, success and good-nature earned the respect of colleagues around the globe – connections that I utilize to help YOU achieve your goals.


My core areas of expertise and depth fall into these categories:

  • MENTORING & COACHING – relationships are the core of my work. I’ve guided many organizations, businesses and their leaders via mentoring calls, consulting visits and training. Learn more on the services page.
  • BIRD LANGUAGE – Connecting to birds promotes mindfulness, well-being and instills conservation ethics. I’ve helped develop the field of Bird Language via intensives, trainings, co-creating an exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science, and through the book “What the Robin Knows.” To understand Bird Language, watch the short film “The Birder” below.
  • NATURE-CONNECTION – Forgetting that we’re a part of nature comes with costly consequences to our personal & community health and well-being. The field of nature-connection addresses this disconnect with solutions. I’ve worked in this field since the 1990’s, serving as a main contributor for the Kamana Naturalist Training Program and authored a chapter of Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature, hailed by Richard Louv as “good medicine for nature-deficit disorder.”

On the trail of Eastern Wolves in Algonquin Provincial Park – Ontario, Canada
  • HUNTING & FORAGING – The practice of hunting for wild food and gathering from the landscape both meets basic human needs and deeply nourishes the soul. Responsible hunting is a vital part of the management of wildlife populations and wild places. I’m a member of the New England chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and a Registered Maine Guide. Learn more about ethical hunting for conservation here.

* AND….A NOTE ABOUT MY HUMOR * I’m a big fan of humor, and some of it, you might not appreciate. From practical jokes to initiating snowball fights, I’m hardwired for shenanigans. While capable of difficult, deep conversations, I firmly believe that we shouldn’t take ourselves TOO seriously. Humor, laughter and play are vital medicines, especially when working hard to make change in the world. If you don’t appreciate this approach (or want to learn to do so), you best move on now and find a better fit. Thanks!

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